Opportunities for panel physicians to change the narrative on migration and health

I gave a talk at the Intergovernmental Panel Physicians Training Summit held in Accra in April 2019.  I used the opportunity to engage with panel physicians, and suggest ways in which they can – and, I would argue should – help change the global narrative around migration and health.  The slides are here.

Panel Physicians work with international public health and migration experts to stop the spread of infectious disease and protect public health. Panel Physicians are required to treat and report cases of infectious disease as required by governments of destination countries, and locally in accordance with regulations in countries of origin. The International Panel Physicians Association is the only organization worldwide whose mission is to improve the capacity of physicians and healthcare workers who conduct immigration medical evaluations. IPPA was founded in 2009 by a group of Panel Physicians who recognized a need for professional affiiliation, training and education amongst themselves and their colleagues. Our members are physicians, nurses, laboratorians, radiologists and administrative staff who work in private and public settings to implement the Technical Instructions.


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