3rd South African Consultation on #migrationhealth

The 3rd National Consultation on Migration and Health is currently underway.  Organised by IOM, with the National Department of Health, the Consultation aims to explore progress made to addressing migration and health in South Africa.

According to the concept note developed by the IOM:

“The consultation builds on previous meetings as well as ongoing current global, regional and national discourses on migration and specific health issues (HIV, TB and other communicable and non-communicable diseases, Mental Health etc.). The consultation will highlight progress made at different levels, present challenges and explore sustainable solutions with the aim of improving health outcomes of the population in South Africa and beyond its borders.

The 2016 Consultation will specifically look to accomplish the following:

  • Reflect on the global instruments gearing towards improving health in the context of migration.
  • Review the current status of migration and health in South Africa, including policy frameworks; promising field practices; Lessons learned; and challenges.
  • Drawing from the above, propose migration responsiveness in policy and programmatic interventions.
  • Strengthen partnerships, networks and linkages on migration and health;

The main outcomes from the national consultation include the following:

  • Policy options towards integrating migration;
  • Key collective actions for concerted efforts in addressing migration and health in order to work towards achieving global targets on HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and other health concerns;
  • Proposed Accountability framework to ensure follow-up on implementation of recommendations and resolutions of the Consultation;
  • Establishment of a national network of migration and health programmers and implementers”


My input is below.

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